How to Join

The Cal Poly Sailing Team welcomes any Cal Poly student to join. Prior sailing experience is not required. There will be several clinics at the beginning of the new school year (and throughout the school year on an as-needed basis) that allow new & prospective members to test the team before paying full membership dues.

For more information please email or show up to one of our Tuesday weekly meetings on Zoom at 8 P.M. PST! (link in our GroupMe bio)


Membership dues for 2020 – 2021 are $100 per year or $35 per quarter. Clinic dues are $20, and if you decide to join the team, this will count towards your membership dues. Clinics are pending due to COVID-19.

Question about club dues? Contact out Treasurer Ellie Bonnie at:


Due to COVID, getting on the water is a bit different than other years. However, most forms needed to participate can still be found on the Resources and Forms page on the Cal Poly Club Sports website. The page is linked below, and once on the page, select “Participation Agreement” under the “Participant Forms” tab. After completing the forms, let the treasurer know.

1) Fill out the club sports COVID participation form here
2) If not already, get enrolled in the Cal Poly COVID testing program and have a green pass
    at the time of practice.
3) Attend a COVID-19 educational session.
4) MBYC Waiver – Complete and send it to our treasurer (
5) ICSA Registration for those who intend to race

Club Sports is allowing us to formally practice again! Before you head out on the water, make sure you submitted your Club Sports COVID participation form and attended the mandatory zoom meeting!

In addition to the Club Sports regulations, before going out, please review our sanitation guidelines:

  • Masks will be worn at all times and cannot be the gaiter-type.
  • There will be a tub of hand sanitizer provided for teammates to use upon arrival.
  • Boats, dollies, and anything else we use will be sanitized at the end of each practice using the following method:
    • Mix a gallon of water with simple green and use a spray bottle to clean all surfaces commonly touched: tiller, blocks, lines, and deck.
  • Only one team member will be permitted into the shed at a time, and no one will be entering the club.
  • If any teammate were to test positive for the virus, all practices would cease until the appropriate contact tracing and self-isolation had ensued.

Officer Availability


Arrival: Eric, Chris, Macy, Jack

Derig:  Eric, Chris, Macy, Jack

All day:  Eric, Chris, Macy, Jack



Derig: Eric, Peyton

All day: 


Arrival: Eric, Macy

Derig: Eric

All day: Eric



Derig: Eric, Peyton, Macy

All day:


Arrival: Eric, Jack

Derig: Eric

All day: Eric, Peyton


Arrival: Chris, Macy

Derig: Eric, Chris, Macy

All day: Chris, Macy


Arrival: Eric, Chris, Macy, Jack

Derig: Eric, Chris, Macy, Jack

All day: Eric, Chris, Peyton, Macy, Jack