Welcome to Cal Poly Sailing

Who are we?

The Sailing Team is a club sport at Cal Poly that competes in the Pacific Coast Collegiate Sailing Conference (PCCSC). The team is made up of a great group of students who love to be out on the water enjoying the thrill of being on a sailboat. We offer a wide variety of sailing opportunities including highly competitive collegiate regattas, much less competitive local regattas, and fun weekend sailing practices and clinics.

Who can join?

Thanks to the wide range of sailing opportunities available, anyone is        welcome to join the sailing team. Visit our Participate page for more             information on how to join.

What boats do we sail?

We primarily sail CFJs (Club Flying Junior). A CFJ is a 14-foot dinghy with a  jib and a mainsail. The boat is crewed by two people and is an excellent   platform for learning how to sail.